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It's what makes you extraordinary.

From now on, I'm a one-writer girl.

26 October
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I created this LJ 2 years ago just to be able to leave reviews to my favourite fic authors, but now that I'm actually using this thing I thought it would be a good time to have a decent user info profile? Oh well, who am I kidding, I just wanted Castle prettiness somewhere on my journal, and since I don't have a header anymore...*g*.

I'm a fairly sensible person - that is until you put fandom into the equation, because then all hell breaks loose. I am addicted to tv shows; I don't watch that many, I think, compared to what I've seen, but the level of obsession I can (and do) go to with my few favourite ones is enough. Namely for The X-Files and Castle. Friends, Lost and Pushing Daisies all hold a very special, very dear place in my heart as well but I'm not at all as involved in the fandom (thank God).

I love reading, always have, although I am slowly realising that I am missing out on a lot of fantastic stories because I pretty much spend all my spare time on my computer. I am trying to change that but I definitely need to go to internet-detox first. It might take a while.

In other fannish news, music is the other thing that makes my world go round ♥.

. f.r.i.e.n.d.s .. credit where credit is due .

So far I've never felt the need to lock my journal, because I'm pretty sure my anonymity is intact and also because I don't post personal stuff. This journal is all about fandom. We'll see if this changes later on.
Regardless, if you want to add me, please do! If we have interests in common, I will very likely add you back :) One cannot have too many Castle friends ;)

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